Friday, November 28, 2008

Bean Sprout Husk Pillows

Introducing the bean sprout husk pillow!

This item seems to be sold mainly in S'pore. Just google under "bean sprout pillow" and all web info seems to come just from the local websites.

Now, if you go through each of these websites, you'd find that each vendor seemed to have copied one another where the product literature is concern. 0 points for originality, rite? Kekekeke....

Ok, for those still in the dark what this product is for, let little gecko give a thorough explanation here so listen good cos this is not one of those copycats messages ;)

Babies, being what they are, are prone to feeling insecure most of the time. Sometimes, the slightest noise would awake them from their slumber and cause them to cry out for attention etc. The bean sprout husk pillow mimics a mother's hand placed across the baby's chest. In doing so, anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that babies do feel calmer thinking their mother is close by their side. Hence reduce the incidences of crying.

Ok, so why bean sprout husks in particular? Simple, they are readily available in this part of the world and way back then, a novel way to put a by-product to good use.

Nowadays however, only parents in Malaysia have the time and energy to go collect batches of these bean husks from the wet markets to make into their very own pillows. Singapore parents being relatively busier, wouldn't mind just paying for one. Afterall, Singapore parents also have fewer kids to spend their money on unlike their counterparts in Malaysia.

Frankly, it is a painstaking process from collecting the husks to the final product. The husks needed to make one pillow would have come from close to 800gms of fresh taugeh or mung bean sprouts. Ok, if you still don't know how much that is, it is equivalent to 8 portions of a taugeh meal :o The husks are collected from wet markets (yes, face the facts, we can't tell you the husks came from some hi-tech factories, rite?) and carefully sorted out to remove excess bean sprouts etc. Then they are carefully washed with anti-bacteria detergents before drying and... Ok, this is the part where we have to stop ;p

Remember what little gecko mentioned about all those copycats out there? The more we reveal our cleaning and sorting process, the more, it would be copied by others so why risk that, rite? Kekekeke....

Anyway, little gecko markets this product to 4 different brands. And because of this, we can mass produce this item and hence reduce costs. But in order not to compete with little gecko's own customers, little gecko has restricted his pillow prints to just one fabric that he happens to have on hand. Maybe in the near future, little gecko will introduce more prints :) It is 100% cotton and likewise the inner cover as well is 100% cotton. Why cotton? Because cotton is cooler esp since this product is meant to be placed over the baby's chest. You don't want your baby to be perspiring, rite? ;p And because we are the manufacturer, we can be more generous with the amount of bean husks used.

If design is important to you, there are many brands out there with very pretty designs. Do go support them and buy some, and keep our stagnant economy moving. If you are more a value shopper, then at $9.50, it's about the best value you can find in the market :) Here's the details :

Item : Bean Sprout Husk Pillow
Material : Outer Cover - 100% cotton poplin
Inner Cover - 100% cotton shirting
Content - 100% mung bean husks
Dimensions : 5.5" x 13.5"
Brand : Jack and the Beansprout
Packing : Polybag
Price : $9.50 per set.
Delivery : 3-5 working days (After receipt of payment)
Location : At selected MRT stations.
Mode of Payment : Deposit into Citibank (Cuscaden Branch) - 0-382171-004
Contact : Either leave a comment here with your details or email little gecko at

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