Monday, December 1, 2008

Adult Bolster

Since the Reptile Workshop makes adult pillows, tis only a matter of time that we roll out our adult bolsters, rite? Kekekeke.....

The product itself is quite long so you either see only a small pic if you want to see the full product or we decided in this case to show part of the product but a close up view of it. Afterall, the other end looks the same, right? Kekekeke.....

All adult bolsters are made from 100% cotton shirting for extra comfort and stuffed with 100% polyester. This means the entire item is actually washable and dries easily! And rest assured we are generous with our stuffings so you will not end up with '2 halves' in the near future too. Kekekeke.. :P

Details here

1. Dimensions : 13" Diameter, 39" Length
2. Price : $9.00/pc
3. Min Qty : 2 pcs
3. Delivery : Allow 3 to 5 days (after receipt of payment)
4. Location : Selected MRT stations
5. Payment : Deposit into Citibank (Cuscaden Branch) 0-382171-004
6. Contact : Either leave a message here or email little gecko at

Friday, November 28, 2008

Bean Sprout Husk Pillows

Introducing the bean sprout husk pillow!

This item seems to be sold mainly in S'pore. Just google under "bean sprout pillow" and all web info seems to come just from the local websites.

Now, if you go through each of these websites, you'd find that each vendor seemed to have copied one another where the product literature is concern. 0 points for originality, rite? Kekekeke....

Ok, for those still in the dark what this product is for, let little gecko give a thorough explanation here so listen good cos this is not one of those copycats messages ;)

Babies, being what they are, are prone to feeling insecure most of the time. Sometimes, the slightest noise would awake them from their slumber and cause them to cry out for attention etc. The bean sprout husk pillow mimics a mother's hand placed across the baby's chest. In doing so, anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that babies do feel calmer thinking their mother is close by their side. Hence reduce the incidences of crying.

Ok, so why bean sprout husks in particular? Simple, they are readily available in this part of the world and way back then, a novel way to put a by-product to good use.

Nowadays however, only parents in Malaysia have the time and energy to go collect batches of these bean husks from the wet markets to make into their very own pillows. Singapore parents being relatively busier, wouldn't mind just paying for one. Afterall, Singapore parents also have fewer kids to spend their money on unlike their counterparts in Malaysia.

Frankly, it is a painstaking process from collecting the husks to the final product. The husks needed to make one pillow would have come from close to 800gms of fresh taugeh or mung bean sprouts. Ok, if you still don't know how much that is, it is equivalent to 8 portions of a taugeh meal :o The husks are collected from wet markets (yes, face the facts, we can't tell you the husks came from some hi-tech factories, rite?) and carefully sorted out to remove excess bean sprouts etc. Then they are carefully washed with anti-bacteria detergents before drying and... Ok, this is the part where we have to stop ;p

Remember what little gecko mentioned about all those copycats out there? The more we reveal our cleaning and sorting process, the more, it would be copied by others so why risk that, rite? Kekekeke....

Anyway, little gecko markets this product to 4 different brands. And because of this, we can mass produce this item and hence reduce costs. But in order not to compete with little gecko's own customers, little gecko has restricted his pillow prints to just one fabric that he happens to have on hand. Maybe in the near future, little gecko will introduce more prints :) It is 100% cotton and likewise the inner cover as well is 100% cotton. Why cotton? Because cotton is cooler esp since this product is meant to be placed over the baby's chest. You don't want your baby to be perspiring, rite? ;p And because we are the manufacturer, we can be more generous with the amount of bean husks used.

If design is important to you, there are many brands out there with very pretty designs. Do go support them and buy some, and keep our stagnant economy moving. If you are more a value shopper, then at $9.50, it's about the best value you can find in the market :) Here's the details :

Item : Bean Sprout Husk Pillow
Material : Outer Cover - 100% cotton poplin
Inner Cover - 100% cotton shirting
Content - 100% mung bean husks
Dimensions : 5.5" x 13.5"
Brand : Jack and the Beansprout
Packing : Polybag
Price : $9.50 per set.
Delivery : 3-5 working days (After receipt of payment)
Location : At selected MRT stations.
Mode of Payment : Deposit into Citibank (Cuscaden Branch) - 0-382171-004
Contact : Either leave a comment here with your details or email little gecko at

Monday, November 17, 2008

Baby Mattress Set

Here's an item that you can either buy as a gift or for your own loved one's use.

Unlike the others found in the market which uses scrap polyester fibers as fillings for the mattress, we use good quality siliconized fibers instead. You see, this is a big and bulky item and uses lots of polyester fibers for fillings. Now add transportation costs for such bulky items together with distributors and retailer markups etc, tis no wonder that the end product is either expensive or you gotta use cheaper materials to keep prices affordable, rite?

Scrap fibers comes from the discarded polyester that has been bonded into mattresses etc. The excess on the sides are then placed in a crusher and reborn as recycled fibers. The difference is in its textile which is harder, uneven in density and non-washable. In using virgin fibers, ours is therefore softer, silkier and entirely washable :)

Since we sell direct to you, the end consumer, we can pass the savings on to you and also give you a better grade of fiber yet still maintaining an attractive price.

You can either place the mattress on the floor or over your existing cot or playpen for that extra comfort.

The fabric is 35% cotton and 65% polyester, and was specially ordered previously by a wholesaler for an exclusive promotion with Robinsons. We used the balance fabric to make this fast selling item. Here are the details :

Item : Baby Mattress Set
Content : 1 x Mattress (28" x 39")
1 x Pillow c/w case (8" x 12")
2 x Bolster c/w case (6.5" x 16.5")
Packing : In a nice pvc bag
Price : $17.50/set
Delivery : 3-5 working days (After receipt of payment)
Location : At selected MRT stations.
Mode of Payment : Deposit into Citibank (Cuscaden Branch) - 0-382171-004
Contact : Either leave a comment here with your details or email little gecko at

Friday, November 14, 2008

Adult Pillows

One of the few adult products to come out of little gecko's reptile workshop is the adult pillow.
If you had read the very first blog entry, you'd know that the reptile workshop makes mainly products for da little ones. But one day, little gecko got a call from a nursing home to make adult pillows instead. So, voila!
Anyway, since then, little gecko has been observing the adult pillows in the market. Ahem..., yes, there are those which makes use of special materials like feathers, gels, cereal husks and gingko leaves etc each touting to be the best for you. (Let little gecko know if sleeping on a gingko leaves pillow has improved your memory, okie?) However, if the ordinary polyester fiber pillow is good enough for you, then you have come to the right place! Let little gecko now brag about the merits of his pillow! Kekekeke....
1) It is made from 7-holes conjugated polyester fibers. This means that within each hair-thin width of the polyester fibers, there are actually 7 microscopic holes within each strand!! This makes the item light weight relative to its size.
2) The fibers are also siliconized, meaning it has been treated with silicone oil to ensure you get that silky feel when you hug the pillow close to you. And being polyester, the entire content is washable unlike say a feather or husks pillows. So fear not if your mouth flows like a tap during sleep ;)
3) Unlike most standard pillows whose covers are made from polyester fabrics to save on cost, little gecko's pillows are made from 100% cotton. This allows maximum ventilation so the pillow that you sleep on will not feel hot making it most suitable for our hot tropical climate. Don't believe huh? Simple, just get hold of a piece of polyester fabric and place it over the pillow you currently have and sleep on it and you will know what little gecko is saying :)
4) Last but not least is the price. Even no-frills pillow by well-known local brands are going for over $12 a piece on a normal day. Little gecko's pillows are only priced at an affordable $8.90! No, don't begrudge other brands for the high prices. Someone has to pay for fancy packaging, sales & advertising expenses, retailers' margins and transportation costs, rite? ;)
Other Details
Dimensions : 19" x 29"
Price : $8.00/pc (Comes with free delivery to a negotiable location)
Min Order Qty : 2 pcs
Lead-time : 3 to 5 working days after receipt of payment
Mode of Payment : Deposit into Citibank (Cuscaden Branch) : 0-382171-004
You can either leave a message here or email little gecko on your order.
Here's wishing you a good night's sleep! :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Baby Clothes

Today, little gecko will introduced baby garments previously made exclusively for KK Pharmacy. Again, all apparels are made from 100% combed cotton for extra comfort. Remember, in a tropical climate like ours, 100% cotton and other natural fabrics are better than synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester because the former can 'breathe' while the latter traps heat. And cotton fabric is more expensive because it takes a long time & effort to cultivate a cotton plant before it can be harvested for its fibers.

Now, how do you tell if the piece of baby clothing you have is made from 100% cotton or has a blend of polyester or other synthetic fiber? There are 2 simple tests that we lizards of this industry use.

Method 1 : Creases

Try crumpling the entire piece of garment with both your hands. If it creases easily and remains in that state, chances are that it is probably high in cotton content. If little creasing remains, chances are the polyester content is high.

Method 2 : Burning

Examine the underside of the garment and look out for excess fabrics that may be sticking out. But if there's none, then you might have to sacrifice a portion of the actual fabric. Kekekeke :o Make sure there are no threads sticking together with the fabric which may then give you a false result. Just a small piece of about 0.5sq cm of fabric will do. Now, while holding the fabric using a pair of tweezer, set the fabric on fire. Examine the residue. Natural fabric will leave only pure soot behind while synthetic fabric leaves little hard & black plastic 'balls'. The bigger the 'balls' the higher the synthetic content.

Okie, hope this little bit of information will help. Now to introduce you to little gecko's baby clothings... :) Since these clothings were made exclusively for KK Pharmacy, they come in only 1 size. However, the size is big enough for most babies up to 1year old! The purpose is for people to buy them for their own babies and not as gifts where sizes don't factor in much but tis da tot that counts. That's how most companies capitalize on this mentality and save on costs. Kekekekeke..... You can buy just a small qty first if you don't believe little gecko ;) And again, we want to emphasize all garments shown here are 100% combed cotton :)

Item : Shorts Colors : Pink/Blue/Printed Price : $2.20

Item :Short-Sleeve Jacket

Colors : Pink/Blue/White Price : $3.20

One advantage of our short-sleeve jacket as you can see here is that we do not skrimp on the material used. Look at the overlap. No belly buttons popping out of babies after feeding :)

Here's a closer look at the white 2 x 1 ribbed version. It comes with rubberized printing too :)

Item : Long Pants Colors : Pink/Blue
Price : $3.90

Another selling point of our long pants is when you click on the picture to enlarge it, you'd notice we have added an extra piece of fabric to the centre portion of the long pants to accomodate diapers. This way, the pants will not be too tight for the babies :)

Item : Long Sleeve Jacket

Colors : Pink/Blue/Printed

Price : $4.20

Our garments are a good buy especially if you are expecting a newborn and have lots to buy but find deptmental stores prices too intimidating even after discounts ;)

Other Details

Prices : All prices excludes delivery charges, which depends on the quantity bought. Delivery : 3-5 working days (After receipt of payment)
Location : At selected MRT stations.
Mode of Payment : Deposit into Citibank (Cuscaden Branch) - 0-382171-004
Contact : Either leave a comment here with your details or email little gecko at

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Little gecko would like to introduce you to some gift-sets today. These are commonly known in the market as 6pcs Gift-Set. They comprise the following :

1 x Short Sleeve Jacket
1 x Panty
2 x Mittens
2 x Bootees

These were previously made exclusively for KK hospital pharmacy till the management decided they wanted to do away with in-house brands to concentrate on retailing. Unlike other gift-sets commonly found in the market which are made from a blend of cotton and polyester to keep prices low, ours are made entirely from 100% cotton thus keeping the baby cooler and more comfortable. And again, those available in the market are usually suitable for use for only a few months to save on costs. As a result of this, many mothers ended up not using them and recycle them as gifts to other expantant mothers, pity rite? Our sizing however is larger and can be worn up to 1 year old!

The packaging is kept simple as the previous objective of KK pharmacy then was to minimize on unwanted expenses like fancy packaging thus giving the consumer value for money. And value is what you will get. The combined price of the individual items will easily add up to over $12 but here at the Reptile Workshop, we are offering them at only $6.50. The retail price of just a normal set of mittens & bootees is already over $3.50/set, rite? You don't even have to buy them as gifts for others, consider them as an economy starter pack and buy them for your own baby! :)

Color : Blue

Color : White
Color : pink
Terms & Condition
Price : $6.50/set (Price excludes delivery / Postal charges)
Min Order Quantity : 2 sets (Assortment allowed)
Lead Time : 3 - 5 working days after receipt of payment.
Mode of payment : Deposit into Citibank Account : 0-382171-004
You can either leave a message here or email little gecko on your order. Thanks!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mittens & Bootees

Little gecko's first products to be put on sale are mittens & bootees! Made from 100% combed cotton jersey, the fabrics were actually meant for a collection of upmarket infant beddings. But as the prints were too large and far apart, da buyer didn't want dem in their collection, so little gecko has their blessings to sell da item cheap and pass on da savings to end users. If you look beyond this small issue, these mittens and bootees are actually quite comfortable and serves its purpose of preventing babies from turning their pretty faces into graffiti walls. Kekekeke....

Colors : Dark Pink & Lite Pink

Colors : Dark Blue & Lite Blue

Colors : Dark Purple & Lite Purple

For those who prefer something plain and no frills, we have white ones too. Previously made specially for Thomson Medical Centre as part of their maternity goodies bag.

Color : White

Next are the bootees. Purpose here is just to show the designs. Colors on offer are the same as the above (except white). The base is a padded layer of white fleece for extra comfort.


Terms and Conditions

Prices : All prices excludes delivery/postal charges.

Min Order Quantity : 4 sets (Assortments allowed)

Lead Time : 3 - 5 working days after receipt of payment.

Delivery : Registered post recommended. Free delivery if pickup location is in the vicinity of Bishan and AMK MRT stations.

Mode of Payment : Deposit into Citibank Account : 0-382171-004