Thursday, November 13, 2008

Baby Clothes

Today, little gecko will introduced baby garments previously made exclusively for KK Pharmacy. Again, all apparels are made from 100% combed cotton for extra comfort. Remember, in a tropical climate like ours, 100% cotton and other natural fabrics are better than synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester because the former can 'breathe' while the latter traps heat. And cotton fabric is more expensive because it takes a long time & effort to cultivate a cotton plant before it can be harvested for its fibers.

Now, how do you tell if the piece of baby clothing you have is made from 100% cotton or has a blend of polyester or other synthetic fiber? There are 2 simple tests that we lizards of this industry use.

Method 1 : Creases

Try crumpling the entire piece of garment with both your hands. If it creases easily and remains in that state, chances are that it is probably high in cotton content. If little creasing remains, chances are the polyester content is high.

Method 2 : Burning

Examine the underside of the garment and look out for excess fabrics that may be sticking out. But if there's none, then you might have to sacrifice a portion of the actual fabric. Kekekeke :o Make sure there are no threads sticking together with the fabric which may then give you a false result. Just a small piece of about 0.5sq cm of fabric will do. Now, while holding the fabric using a pair of tweezer, set the fabric on fire. Examine the residue. Natural fabric will leave only pure soot behind while synthetic fabric leaves little hard & black plastic 'balls'. The bigger the 'balls' the higher the synthetic content.

Okie, hope this little bit of information will help. Now to introduce you to little gecko's baby clothings... :) Since these clothings were made exclusively for KK Pharmacy, they come in only 1 size. However, the size is big enough for most babies up to 1year old! The purpose is for people to buy them for their own babies and not as gifts where sizes don't factor in much but tis da tot that counts. That's how most companies capitalize on this mentality and save on costs. Kekekekeke..... You can buy just a small qty first if you don't believe little gecko ;) And again, we want to emphasize all garments shown here are 100% combed cotton :)

Item : Shorts Colors : Pink/Blue/Printed Price : $2.20

Item :Short-Sleeve Jacket

Colors : Pink/Blue/White Price : $3.20

One advantage of our short-sleeve jacket as you can see here is that we do not skrimp on the material used. Look at the overlap. No belly buttons popping out of babies after feeding :)

Here's a closer look at the white 2 x 1 ribbed version. It comes with rubberized printing too :)

Item : Long Pants Colors : Pink/Blue
Price : $3.90

Another selling point of our long pants is when you click on the picture to enlarge it, you'd notice we have added an extra piece of fabric to the centre portion of the long pants to accomodate diapers. This way, the pants will not be too tight for the babies :)

Item : Long Sleeve Jacket

Colors : Pink/Blue/Printed

Price : $4.20

Our garments are a good buy especially if you are expecting a newborn and have lots to buy but find deptmental stores prices too intimidating even after discounts ;)

Other Details

Prices : All prices excludes delivery charges, which depends on the quantity bought. Delivery : 3-5 working days (After receipt of payment)
Location : At selected MRT stations.
Mode of Payment : Deposit into Citibank (Cuscaden Branch) - 0-382171-004
Contact : Either leave a comment here with your details or email little gecko at

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