Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mittens & Bootees

Little gecko's first products to be put on sale are mittens & bootees! Made from 100% combed cotton jersey, the fabrics were actually meant for a collection of upmarket infant beddings. But as the prints were too large and far apart, da buyer didn't want dem in their collection, so little gecko has their blessings to sell da item cheap and pass on da savings to end users. If you look beyond this small issue, these mittens and bootees are actually quite comfortable and serves its purpose of preventing babies from turning their pretty faces into graffiti walls. Kekekeke....

Colors : Dark Pink & Lite Pink

Colors : Dark Blue & Lite Blue

Colors : Dark Purple & Lite Purple

For those who prefer something plain and no frills, we have white ones too. Previously made specially for Thomson Medical Centre as part of their maternity goodies bag.

Color : White

Next are the bootees. Purpose here is just to show the designs. Colors on offer are the same as the above (except white). The base is a padded layer of white fleece for extra comfort.


Terms and Conditions

Prices : All prices excludes delivery/postal charges.

Min Order Quantity : 4 sets (Assortments allowed)

Lead Time : 3 - 5 working days after receipt of payment.

Delivery : Registered post recommended. Free delivery if pickup location is in the vicinity of Bishan and AMK MRT stations.

Mode of Payment : Deposit into Citibank Account : 0-382171-004

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