Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Little gecko would like to introduce you to some gift-sets today. These are commonly known in the market as 6pcs Gift-Set. They comprise the following :

1 x Short Sleeve Jacket
1 x Panty
2 x Mittens
2 x Bootees

These were previously made exclusively for KK hospital pharmacy till the management decided they wanted to do away with in-house brands to concentrate on retailing. Unlike other gift-sets commonly found in the market which are made from a blend of cotton and polyester to keep prices low, ours are made entirely from 100% cotton thus keeping the baby cooler and more comfortable. And again, those available in the market are usually suitable for use for only a few months to save on costs. As a result of this, many mothers ended up not using them and recycle them as gifts to other expantant mothers, pity rite? Our sizing however is larger and can be worn up to 1 year old!

The packaging is kept simple as the previous objective of KK pharmacy then was to minimize on unwanted expenses like fancy packaging thus giving the consumer value for money. And value is what you will get. The combined price of the individual items will easily add up to over $12 but here at the Reptile Workshop, we are offering them at only $6.50. The retail price of just a normal set of mittens & bootees is already over $3.50/set, rite? You don't even have to buy them as gifts for others, consider them as an economy starter pack and buy them for your own baby! :)

Color : Blue

Color : White
Color : pink
Terms & Condition
Price : $6.50/set (Price excludes delivery / Postal charges)
Min Order Quantity : 2 sets (Assortment allowed)
Lead Time : 3 - 5 working days after receipt of payment.
Mode of payment : Deposit into Citibank Account : 0-382171-004
You can either leave a message here or email little gecko on your order. Thanks!

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