Friday, November 14, 2008

Adult Pillows

One of the few adult products to come out of little gecko's reptile workshop is the adult pillow.
If you had read the very first blog entry, you'd know that the reptile workshop makes mainly products for da little ones. But one day, little gecko got a call from a nursing home to make adult pillows instead. So, voila!
Anyway, since then, little gecko has been observing the adult pillows in the market. Ahem..., yes, there are those which makes use of special materials like feathers, gels, cereal husks and gingko leaves etc each touting to be the best for you. (Let little gecko know if sleeping on a gingko leaves pillow has improved your memory, okie?) However, if the ordinary polyester fiber pillow is good enough for you, then you have come to the right place! Let little gecko now brag about the merits of his pillow! Kekekeke....
1) It is made from 7-holes conjugated polyester fibers. This means that within each hair-thin width of the polyester fibers, there are actually 7 microscopic holes within each strand!! This makes the item light weight relative to its size.
2) The fibers are also siliconized, meaning it has been treated with silicone oil to ensure you get that silky feel when you hug the pillow close to you. And being polyester, the entire content is washable unlike say a feather or husks pillows. So fear not if your mouth flows like a tap during sleep ;)
3) Unlike most standard pillows whose covers are made from polyester fabrics to save on cost, little gecko's pillows are made from 100% cotton. This allows maximum ventilation so the pillow that you sleep on will not feel hot making it most suitable for our hot tropical climate. Don't believe huh? Simple, just get hold of a piece of polyester fabric and place it over the pillow you currently have and sleep on it and you will know what little gecko is saying :)
4) Last but not least is the price. Even no-frills pillow by well-known local brands are going for over $12 a piece on a normal day. Little gecko's pillows are only priced at an affordable $8.90! No, don't begrudge other brands for the high prices. Someone has to pay for fancy packaging, sales & advertising expenses, retailers' margins and transportation costs, rite? ;)
Other Details
Dimensions : 19" x 29"
Price : $8.00/pc (Comes with free delivery to a negotiable location)
Min Order Qty : 2 pcs
Lead-time : 3 to 5 working days after receipt of payment
Mode of Payment : Deposit into Citibank (Cuscaden Branch) : 0-382171-004
You can either leave a message here or email little gecko on your order.
Here's wishing you a good night's sleep! :)

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