Monday, December 1, 2008

Adult Bolster

Since the Reptile Workshop makes adult pillows, tis only a matter of time that we roll out our adult bolsters, rite? Kekekeke.....

The product itself is quite long so you either see only a small pic if you want to see the full product or we decided in this case to show part of the product but a close up view of it. Afterall, the other end looks the same, right? Kekekeke.....

All adult bolsters are made from 100% cotton shirting for extra comfort and stuffed with 100% polyester. This means the entire item is actually washable and dries easily! And rest assured we are generous with our stuffings so you will not end up with '2 halves' in the near future too. Kekekeke.. :P

Details here

1. Dimensions : 13" Diameter, 39" Length
2. Price : $9.00/pc
3. Min Qty : 2 pcs
3. Delivery : Allow 3 to 5 days (after receipt of payment)
4. Location : Selected MRT stations
5. Payment : Deposit into Citibank (Cuscaden Branch) 0-382171-004
6. Contact : Either leave a message here or email little gecko at

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